WWGA By-Laws





(Amended August 21, 2020)





A. Design and implement a golf program, including a tournament schedule.

        B.  Establish uniform playing rules and regulations.

C.  Announce Woods Women’s Golf Association (“WWGA”) activities.

D.  Coordinate WWGA activities with The Woods Club, Inc.




     Women holding Woods Club Golf memberships (Class A) are eligible to become members of the WWGA upon payment of the annual dues set by the Board of Directors.  Legacy and Alumni members, holding Class A memberships, are also eligible to become members.




     The Board of Directors (“The Board”) shall be composed of seven (7) voting members chosen among WWGA members including four (4) Officers, three (3) Chairpersons and three (3) non-voting members who shall be:


The immediate past President of WWGA

The Woods Club’s Director of Golf

A second representative of The Woods Club, Inc.


     Terms of Office.    With exception of the non-voting members, all the directors will be elected for 3-year terms.

     Vacancies.  If a voting Director misses two consecutive Board meetings without an excused absence, her office shall be declared vacant.  An unexcused absence is defined as an absence without prior notice to the president. A replacement shall be appointed by the Board to serve until the next annual election, when a director shall be elected for the unexpired portion of her term.  Vacancies occurring due to death or resignation shall be filled in the same manner.




     At the Annual Meeting in September or October, directors shall be elected by the membership in the following manner.


     NOMINATING COMMITTEE.  At the July meeting of The Board, the President shall appoint, with the consent of the Board, a nominating committee consisting of two director members, one of whom shall be the chairperson, and three non-director members of the Association.

     At least two weeks prior to the Annual Membership Meeting, the Nominating Committee shall post a slate of consenting nominees with at least one person for each vacancy.  Additional nominations may be made by members at the meeting.

     Balloting shall be done at the Annual Membership Meeting and the new directors announced.




The officers shall be elected by the Board from among the voting members of the Board at an organizational meeting following the Annual Meeting.  Terms of officers shall be for one year, starting immediately following the organizational meeting.  Officers are eligible for re-election to the same post.


     The officers of the Association shall be:



Vice President





The President.


            The President shall preside at all meetings of the Board and of the membership of the organization.  She shall appoint committee chairpersons as well as coordinators for Ladies Match Play, Mixed Match Play, Ringer Board and Birdie Tree with a majority vote of the Board.  The President shall be responsible for the overall maintenance of the WWGA official website with support from the Webmaster.


The Vice President.


     The Vice President shall act as President and perform her duties whenever the President is absent or unable to fulfill her role.


     The Vice President shall also serve as the Tuesday Ladies League Head Coordinator with the following responsibilities:

  1. Select Volunteer Coordinators for MV18, SL18, MV9 and SL9 groups. Post their contact information on the website.

  2. Provide the Coordinators’ contact information to the Pro Shop.

  3. Update the “Game of the Day” schedule reflecting date, tee time, game and other information including special breakfast or lunch gathering and women’s tournaments. Include date(s) of course closure as provided by the Pro Shop. Post women’s schedule on the WWGA website and send out via email.

  4. Provide Coordinators with a mechanism for weekly sign-up.

  5. After play, announce the winners on the website and via email. Include comments on exceptional shots, etc. 

  6. At the Board’s request, develop points, prizes or awards systems.


The Treasurer.


            The Treasurer will offer input to The Board in ensuring good fiscal planning, decision-making and oversight.


     Her principle duties are to:

  1. Make deposits, pay bills and reconcile bank statements.

  2.  Prepare the appropriate financial statements for review.

  3.  Ensure that the Board regularly monitors the organization’s financial performance and alerts it to any important discrepancies between planned and actual figures.

  4.  Ensure that the organization maintains the appropriate financial books and records, and that these are accurate and up-to-date.

  5.  Ensure that excess funds are reported.

  6.  Verify that donations are handled appropriately and in accordance with the requirements of funders.

  7.  Keep the Board informed of important financial events and issues relevant to the organization.

  8. Provide end of year report to the accounting office of the Woods Club.


The Secretary.


     The WWGA Secretary shall maintain the minutes of all WWGA Board Meetings, and execute related correspondence with WWGA members as directed by the Board.  All Board decisions shall be published in the minutes.


     Upon Board approval, the Secretary shall be responsible to ensure that the minutes are recorded on the WWGA website.


Tournament Chair (s).


  1. Shall establish season calendar of tournaments with the Woods Club Director of Golf and the WMGA.

  2. Coordinate with the Pro Shop to post announcements one month in advance for tournaments on the board outside of the Pro Shop.

  3. Send notice and Rules for each tournament to the Webmaster one month in advance of the tournament.

  4. Find Volunteers for registration and collecting money the morning of the tournament. Registration begins 1 hour prior to the tournament and lasts 30 minutes. Get $50 change from Treasurer ($1 and $5 bills.)

  5. Once the money is collected, get the appropriate amount of gift cards from the Pro Shop for prizes, using the currently developed guidelines.

  6. Assemble Closest to Pin (CTP) & 50-50 envelopes.

  7. Assist the Woods Club Director of Golf in logging in the scores and passing out the prizes.

  8. Take pictures of the winners, CTP signs and the scoresheet.

  9. Send pictures and scores to Webmaster.

  10.  Order trophies and update when applicable.


WWGA Membership Chair.


Duties shall include by date, the following:



Review WWGA Membership Dues Form with WWGA Board.  Coordinate with Woods Ownership to send the WWGA Membership Dues Form early in November with The Woods Membership invoice.



Work with Webmaster to update WWGA Board on the online WWGA Resource Guide to be placed on the WWGA website. 

Begin sending monthly reminder emails and dues form to current WWGA members and new Class A Golf Members.  Work with Membership Committee for ideas and services to increase WWGA membership.


January – September

Coordinate with Marketing Director to obtain names of new Class A Golf Members to recruit as members of the WWGA.

March – September

Coordinate with WWGA Treasurer to receive WWGA Membership Dues Forms and amount of payment.  Check for changes to member’s information and update WWGA Membership list, then send to WWGA President, Treasurer and Webmaster.  Update and maintain WWGA email distribution list through Webmail.  Maintain notebook of WWGA Membership Dues Forms received.



Early April send renewal reminder email to current WWGA members with deadline date for membership dues before increasing.


April – September

Send email notice and reminder to WWGA members to participate in “Caught Red Handed” Recognition Program. Send weekly Tuesday League Results to WWGA Members


Social Chair.


Work with Woods ownership and Clubhouse Grille Staff to plan meals and/or catering for WWGA season golf events. 

All meals and catering shall be managed within WWGA Board approved budget.


Detailed Description:

1.  Ladies Opening Scramble

a. Breakfast buffet before scramble

b. Season welcome by WWGA President and various Board members

2. Mid-Season Luncheon middle of July event

a. Potluck, determine location – Pavilion or member’s home.

b. Organize members to help with setup and cleanup

c. If held at member’s home, discuss main dish contribution from the Grille.  If held in Pavilion complete agreement with PVP.  Potluck menu, beverages purchased from the Grille.

d. WWGA provides soda and wine if held at member’s home.  Beverages purchased from beverage cart or Grille if held in the Pavilion.

3. Ladies Club Championship Luncheon early August event.

a. Organize luncheon to follow Club Championship Saturday play.

4. Ladies Member/Member late September or early October

a. Work with The Woods Club on menu and beverages


The Woods Director of Golf shall assist the President and the other officers in carrying out their activities.




PERMANENT COMMITTEES of the Association shall be:


     Tournament Committee: This committee shall be charged with organizing, providing rules for, and running all tournaments, outings and matches for the Association.  They shall post all rules and notices for each function in a timely manner; and provide all prizes and awards for the tournament or event winners.


     The Woods Club Director of Golf shall be the final authority on decisions regarding the Rules of Golf and his/her decisions are binding on the Association.


     The Tournament Chair may be appointed by the President or be an elected director.  If appointed, she will be a non-voting member of The Board.  The Tournament Chair (s) are to attend all Board meetings.


     Handicap Committee: This committee is a joint committee comprised of representatives from the WWGA, the Woods Men’s Golf Association, and other Woods golf organizations.  This committee is charged with monitoring the posting of scores to maintain credible handicap indexes of all members.  The system used to determine handicaps shall be in conformance with the USGA Handicap System and requirements.  The handicap committee has authority to adjust handicaps it believes to be inequitable.

The Committee Representative may be appointed by the President or be an elected director. If appointed, she will be a non-voting member of The Board.


     Other Committees: The Board shall establish such other committees as it deems appropriate.  The committees shall carry out the specific functions for which they are formed.  Each committee shall make reports of its activities to the Board as requested by the President or The Board.




     ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP MEETING.  The membership will meet annually during the month of September or October for the purpose of electing replacements for Directors whose terms expire and to review the affairs of the Association.


     BOARD MEETINGS.  The Board shall have regular meetings as follows:

  • Organizational Meeting following the Annual Meeting.

  • Quarterly Meetings, at a minimum.

  • Special Meetings may be called at other times by the President or any three (3) members of the Board as she/they deem necessary.


       MAJORITY.  Four (4) voting members of the Board shall constitute a majority for the purpose of transacting business.  A majority for the transaction of business at any membership meeting of the Association shall consist of a minimum of ten (10) percent of the members who shall be present in person.




            Annual Dues.  The Board shall set the annual dues to be paid by members of the Association.


            Entry Fees.  The Board shall set entry fee schedules sufficient to run the affairs of the association without generating significant surpluses.

     In the event the Association is dissolved, all monies will be returned to the members on a pro rata basis.




     The WWGA is a subordinate unit of The Woods Club, Inc., a private corporation organized under the laws of West Virginia.  The Woods Club, Inc. reserves unto itself, its successors and assigns the sole right to amend the Bylaws, to expand or delete activities of the association or to discontinue the association entirely.

The Bylaws shall be reviewed at least every ten years.




     It is the intent of The Woods Club, Inc. to cooperate as closely as possible with the Woods Golf Associations to:

(1) Create a full and enjoyable calendar of golf activities for the membership

(2) Protect the value of Woods Club membership, and

(3) Delegate to the governing bodies of the golf associations as much latitude and direction as is consistent with its obligations to other Woods Club members and the need to operate a financially viable golf enterprise.



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