Adopt-a-Hole and more


Dear WWGA Members,

We are looking forward to the Flag Tournament and the Cha Cha Cha Tournament.

~There are areas on the fringe around the greens that are not grown in yet. If you are behind or in one of those areas you get relief at the closest point no closer to the hole.

~I know our Golf Maven has written about the scores that may be posted, but due to some questions, I want to let you know that if you play a round of golf by yourself, you may not post that score.

~We are encouraging players to"adopt-a-hole" At this point, your adoption would include repairing a few more ball marks upon the greens, putting divots back or anything you might deem care taking of your hole, which would not slow the pace of golf. This is voluntary and does not require time other than when you are playing golf and see an opportunity to contribute to the care of your hole. If your last name begins with A you are adopting hole #1, etc.

Hole #1 A

Hole #2 B

Hole #3 C

Hole #4 D

Hole #5 E & F

Hole #6 G

Hole #7 H

Hole #8 J

Hole #9 K

Hole #10 L & M

Hole #11 L& M

Hole #12 P

Hole #13 R

Hole #14 S & T

Hole #15 S & T

Hole #16 V & W & Z

Hole #17 V & W & Z

Hole #18 V & W & Z

Just for fun I am sending you a link to the MINDFUL SPORT PERFORMANCE PODCAST! Https:// I hope you enjoy and get a nugget or two that will enrich your golf game.


Frances Compton

WWGA Tournament Chair and the WWGA Board

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