Golf Rules Review - Is My Ball On or Off the Fringe

Below is another Q&A to the Golf Rules Maven from a member who wasn't sure whether her ball was on or off the fringe.

For those of you playing in the Flag Day Tournament, the Model Local Rule E-5 for lost of out of bound balls can be used during this tournament. Yesterday the WWGA Board approved the use of this rule for all WWGA Tournaments. Here is a link to the Golf Rules Review that explains this rule and what to do.

Remember if you have a question regarding a golf rules question, if you can take a picture of the situation when you are on the course and submit it to Don't be afraid to submit a question. I will either answer your question directly or if I think others may wonder about the same thing, I will issue the Q&A as a Golf Rules Review. You will remain anonymous because I don't publish the name of the member asking the question.

Good luck to all of you playing in the Flag Tournament on Sunday.

The Golf Rules Maven