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Dear WWGA Golfers.

If you did not play yesterday, you missed a beautiful day for golf. Please note my communications to you are from a special email address not as a WWGA announcement. Therefore if you have any questions about the rules or have a topic you would like to see, then please reply to this email to let me know.

Today's issue of The Golf Rules Review is the third and final issue dealing with taking relief. The first in the series, Issue IV was on Free Relief, where you get relief without penalty. The second was last week's Issue VI on Unplayable Lies. This issue covers taking relief for balls that are out of bounds, lost or in a penalty area. Here are some USGA videos covering taking relief for Out of Bounds/Lost Balls, Local Rules Relief for Out of Bounds/Lost Balls and Penalty Areas.<= Just click on the words.

I want to point out that our local rule for taking relief for an out of bounds ball also applies to a lost ball. I used this rule on Mt. View hole #8 today. My ball wasn't OB, but we could not find it in 3 minutes. Instead of returning to the tee, I took a 2 stroke penalty and dropped it within 2 club lengths on the fairway in line with where I thought it might have been lost. The ball was found, but by then my 3 minutes were up. I could not use it because 1) a ball is deemed to be lost after 3 minutes, whether found or not and 2) even if it had been less than 3 minutes, I had already dropped my second ball so that was the ball in play. Had I abandoned my dropped ball or played my lost ball from where it was after the 3 minutes, I would have been playing with the wrong ball which has even more and possibly worse penalties. Perhaps on the next issue I should cover playing the wrong ball and all the penalties that go with it.

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