Golf Rules Review - Unplayable Lies

Updated: Jun 7


Good Morning! Yesterday was a great day for golf. It was the first time I have golfed since last October. I mentioned in the email for the last issue, I was going to review tips on Ready Golf which was included in the revised 2019 Rules. But with everyone having their own cart, the pace of play seems to be good. So, I am going to save that topic until we start sharing carts again.

I did get some questions yesterday on taking relief. Issue IV reviewed "Free Relief" which is when you can pick up and move for your ball without penalty. This issue of The Golf Rules Review is focusing on "Unplayable Lies and Times You Think You Should Get Free Relief But Don't". In these instances, you can move your ball, but must take a penalty stroke(s) to do so. I am also attaching two very short USGA videos to show how to take relief, one for Unplayable Lies and the second for Unplayable Lies in the Bunker.


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Times you think you may get free releif but dont
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