Introduction of the 2021 WWGA Board

Updated: Feb 13


Dear All:

I wanted to take this opportunity to introduce the 2021 Board for our WWGA:

President - Cindy Gresham

Vice-President - Sheila Joy

Secretary - Joyce Davis

Treasurer - Wendy Smith

Tournament Chair - Karen Schroder

Membership Chair - Liz Shaw

Social Chair - Mary Ahlquist

We look forward to the opportunity to sit on this board making it enjoyable and competitive for the very diverse group of golfers in our community, from varying ages to varying handicaps. As you can well imagine, this is not an easy task, as each group of golfers will have their own expectations, but we will endeavor to make the 2021 year special for all.

Three of our board members have graciously filled positions for the last two years, making 2021 the last year they will be serving on the board, so thank you very much to those ladies, Sheila, Joyce and Karen. We want to welcome Wendy and Liz as new board member this year, and look forward to having you on the board for three full years bringing continuity to the WWGA in the years to follow.

Please have a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.... and most of all stay safe!

With Warmest Regards,

Cindy Gresham

President of the WWGA

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