June WWGAzette


After I sent out the WWGAzette this morning, I realized as I was driving to Baltimore, I made an error in the "Did You Know" section. It stated that you must play 14 holes in a SL18 or MV18 game to receive a participation point. 14 holes is the number of holes played in which you must post an 18 hole score into GHIN. To receive a participation point in a SL18 or MV18 game, you only need to play 9 holes (7 for SL9 games).

We set the minimum at 9 holes because last year when we started the point system, we also eliminated the MV9 group due to limited participation. But we also recognized that sometimes life gets in the way and our SL18 or MV18 players may at times not be able to play 18 holes temporarily. To encourage their participation, we set the minimum number of holes play at 9. These players can't compete in the game, but we would still like them to join us for 9 holes if they can. The attached WWGAzette shows this correction.

I am not too disappointed that I made this error, because it gave me an opportunity to give you some background on how we wanted the points system designed to encourage as many players as possible to participate in the Tuesday games.

Robin Kuhns

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