Mason-Dixon District Planning for 2021 Season


Greetings WWGA Members,

The Mason-Dixon District (MDD) golf season will be happening this summer!!!

All WWGA members who have a Mountain View Handicap of 30 (Index 32.3) or less, and who like to play friendly competitive golf, are invited to join the Mason-Dixon League. Please take a few moments and visit our website to find out more about the league. I hope you will consider joining the WWGA-MDD Team this year!

To join, just submit a check to me for dues of $40 made out to ‘WWGA’ by May 19th. There is a beige box on the front porch table (75 Peacepipe) to receive your checks. I will send you an e-mail receipt. You can join at any time throughout the season, but if you know you are going to join, please get me your checks by the 19th. All monies received and paid are run through the WWGA account, which involves a process each time. Thank you for your attention to this.

The Woods is on the schedule to host the 1st league play day on June 2. Always, we appreciate the support of our parent club on that day: greeting players, spotting holes, manning the score table, etc. Helping is a good introduction to the league.

Normally there are several Fun Days planned for non-members to play, but none are currently on this year’s schedule.

Stay well, and if you play, play your game…

Nancy Fairall



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