Mason Dixon note following Winchester


Greetings Ladies,

On Tuesday this week, eight members of your Mason-Dixon Team headed to Winchester County Club for our 3rd Play Day. They were Mary Forte, Linda Winegarden, Cindy Gresham, Sheryl Dolin, Fran Compton, Jen Adams, Arlene Ruckle, and Nancy Fairall.

We enjoyed a breakfast of muffins, a fruit medley, and bacon strips (which were later crumbled for our luncheon salads). The weather was delightful: overcast with a slight sprinkle of rain toward the end of the round. The course is challenging, as was evidenced by higher scores.

There were six flights, and our winners of the day were:

Sheryl Dolin: 2nd Low Gross (4th Flight)

Nancy Fairall: 2nd Low Net (4th Flight)

Cindy Gresham: 2nd Low Net (5th Flight)

Fran Compton: 1st Low Net (6th Flight)

Many of our ladies added additional points toward our total number! We are currently in fourth place in the league. A good showing indeed!

Thank you for your continual support of the MDD Team!

…and if you play, play your game.

Nancy Fairall


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