New Drop Zone on SL#9


So yesterday was The Golf Rules Maven's Birthday. As she blew out the candles she made a wish for a drop zone on Stony Lick #9 that would conform to USGA standards. Her wish has come true! This issue of The Golf Rules Review explains all.

For those of you wondering if the Golf Rules Maven will be wishing for a conforming drop zone on MV#3 and #9, the answer is "sorry, only in your dreams". There truly is no USGA conforming place to put them.

Hope this new drop zone helps all the Stony Lick players score better on this hole and want to play in the SL Tournaments. The Flag Day Tournament is next Sunday June 14th. There will be one tournament on Mountain View and a second 9 hole tournament on Stony Lick for the higher handicap members who typically play Stony Lick, so don't be afraid to sign up.

The WWGA Golf Rules Maven