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New drop zone on SL #9



Ron spray painted a new drop zone on SL #9. It's actually the original drop zone which was before my time here. The new drop zone is on the little hill to the right of the green.

If you are trying to get over the pond instead of going around the pond on the left and you hit your ball in the water, you have 2 choices:

  1. Try to hit over the pond again (following the yellow stake penalty relief rules). If you get over the pond, add 2 to your score (your shot plus a penalty shot).

  2. If your second attempt goes in the water too, go to the drop zone, hit and add 4 to your score (2 shots plus 2 penalty shots).

  3. Or you can skip trying a second attempt over the pond and go straight to the drop zone, hit and add 4 to your score.

This drop zone along with the drop zones on MV holes #3 and #9 can only be used during Tuesday play since they do not conform to USGA rules. Their sole purpose is to speed up play.

Barbara Hageman

Woods Women's Golf Association (WWGA)

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