News for the WWGA Season


Dear All:

I hope this chilly March morning finds all of you healthy and warm! I want to give a quick update on some Board decisions made at our meeting this past Friday.

Last year's season was difficult for all, but we hope this season will approach what we've been used to in the past. The decision was made to have our Member Guest Tournament June 18 and 19, as scheduled. By this time, our beautiful state of WV will most likely be open 100%, with a large portion of WV residents vaccinated against COVID-19 by then, if they chose to do so. More information will be sent about this Tournament once our season begins, but please keep the date open.

To date we've had 50+ members sign up for this season, with four first time members so far this year! This email is addressed to all members from last year too, so if you haven't sent in your application yet we hope you will join us this season. (Please send in those applications by April 15 if possible.) April 24 is our big opening day, so the clock is fast winding down. I hope to see all of our membership there for a fun opening day scramble with lunch following this event.

We added some new Tournament opportunities this year for our SL players that would not consider signing up for tournaments on MV, hopefully less stressful. To keep in line with that goal of less stress, there is a handicap limit when signing up for Match Play on SL. Your course handicap can be no lower than 28. If you're not sure what your course handicap is for SL this is available on the GHIN APP, if you use this (or let a Board member know, and we'll help). Using myself as an example, my handicap index is 23.4. My course handicap for SL is 14, so I am not eligible to sign up for match play on SL. In addition, for both MV and SL, there is a maximum handicap allowed of 39. If your course handicap is higher than 39, you are still encouraged to play, but 39 is the maximum handicap that will be used. Again, using myself as an example, when I started playing in golf tournaments my handicap index was well above 40, but any event I played in I was only allowed to use a handicap of 36. This was okay.... it made me work a little harder to lower my handicap. (It's amazing how many strokes we can save, just with better chipping and putting!)

We have six members signed up for SL18 Match Play and seven members signed up for MV Match Play. This is a really fun event, so please consider joining us for this season long tournament. There is a lot of flexibility for scheduling your match so even if your still work outside of your home (as I do) it's not that difficult to schedule your match. If you already sent in your application and did not sign up for this, please let us know that you would like to join this tournament, and we'll get your name on the list. Don't forget about Mixed Match Play too!

I cannot wait to see all of you April 24 and onwards, enjoying a good season of golf with the opportunity to see more of you after golf. Please take care and should any of you have any question email me at If I don't know the answer, I will direct you to the correct contact.

Take Care ALL!!

Cindy Gresham

WWGA President

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