Rules Issue During the SL Championship


This weekend many of us played in the Stony Lick Championship. Congratulations to Laura Word for winning the 18 hole Championship and to De McGurgan for winning the 9 hole Championship. Here are 2 rules issues that came up..

  • One player, without marking her ball, lifted it to see if it was hers. While she said she was sorry, it is still a 2 stroke penalty. The only time you can lift your ball without marking it is when you are in a penalty area. A good habit to develop during casual play is to just put a tee down next to your ball when you need to touch it to identify it.

  • A second player's ball went into the red stake area left of the green just a little past pin high (point A on the attached blurry diagram). Her option was to either replay her previous shot with a one stroke penalty or take relief with a 1 stroke penalty within 2 clubs lengths from where her ball crossed the hazard line, but no nearer to the hole. Obviously, she wanted to use the second option. However, if she came straight out with the 2 club lengths reference point B) to measure 2 club lengths, but that is not allowed. You must use the point where your ball crossed the hazard (point A) and measure 2 club lengths from there. So what should she do?

If you are in this situation, look at the perimeter of the green. The hazard ran away from the green as it passed the hole. So in this case, from reference point A, use the curved perimeter of the green as a guide for placing your 2 club lengths (the blue line C) parallel to the green's curved edge. You will probably not be closer to the hole. Using the method, gave her a small area to drop (probably less than 2 feet from the hazard line), but a large enough area to drop her ball and chip her ball without being closer to the hole. If this had not worked out for her, her only alternative was to replay her previous shot with a 1 stroke penalty.

Hope it warms up tomorrow for our Tuesday Play Day.

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