Should I Post my Score into GHIN if I Did Not Finish?

We were rained out yesterday but it looks like everyone competed at least 9 holes. Anytime you play at least 7 holes but less that 14, you should post a 9 hole score in GHIN. When you play 14 or more holes, then you should post an 18 hole score. So please post a score into GHIN for yesterday's play, even though you may have expected to play 18. This is not optional.

  • For any holes you could not play, post Par plus your Handicap Stoke(s) for the hole.

  • Do not post your max for the hole if you did not play it. The reason being you could have easily scored something less than your max on those holes. Therefore the only fair score to post is "Par plus your Handicap Stoke(s)".

Once you post your 9 hole score it will automatically join up with any other single 9 hole score you have. In fact mine joined up with a 9 hole score from Stoney Lick.

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