Special Edition of The Golf Rules Review - When to Pick Up

Today, Sheila Joy sent out the rules for Tuesday Women's Golf. As part of these rules all players are being asked to pick up their ball once they reach their maximum score.

Previously, some of the games required the players to hole out so players weren't picking up. If their score for the hole exceeded the maximum allowed for handicap purposes, they entered their actual scores and let GHIN adjust it downward to the Net Double Bogey, the maximum allowed for posting into GHIN. Under the rules going forward all players will need to know during play when they reach their maximum so they can pick up. The rules for the games have been adjusted so that when you pick up you will still be in the game. The background on why players should pick up and how to determine when to pick up is contained in this special edition of The Golf Rules Review.

As always if you have any questions, please email me at wwgagolfmaven@gmail.com.

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