Tuesday Games are Starting Up


Come out and Play on Tuesdays!

Our WWGA Tuesday Games begin on April 6th. During most of the month of April there will be no organized games. Everyone who wants to play just signs up, shows up and plays. You may draw numbers or organize your own 4-somes. April 27th will start our usual rotation of games with Low Putts (an easy one).

This year all sign-ups for Tuesday Games will be done via the WWGA website. Attached are 2 diagrams, one shows the process flow for signing up and getting the results and the second covers the "how to" on the website. It's really easy!

Key things to note:

  • We will be eliminating all emails to/from the Coordinators. They will no longer need to survey our members to see who is playing. Everyone including the Pro Shop will be able to see who is playing on the website.