Who are you…who, who, who, who ?

Over 70 women golfers have registered for access to the WWGA website so far.


But....only 30 members have added this full name and picture to their profile with another 10 who have done one or the other. So for the rest of you we need to know:

“Who are you…who, who, who, who….We really wanna know!


If you sign-up to play on Tuesdays or the Weekends, this information lets the Pro Shop know who is signing up. It also lets the Coordinators and other players know who it is playing and to expect you. Once you are registered there is an additional benefit available which will be revealed once we get everyone registered.

Soooo… "Come on tell me who are you":

  1. Go to the website NOW (www.thewwga.org) and log-in.

  2. Click on Website Members. This shows everyone who has registered on the site.

  3. Find yourself on that page.

  4. If you find your entry and can see your picture, and full name – Congratulations – you’re done!

  5. If you don’t see your full name (except for your email name) or only a picture, then you need to update your My Profile page as follows:

  6. Click My Profile on your block.

  7. When it opens, click Edit in the box in the upper left corner of the page.

  8. Enter your First and Last names below the circle.

  9. Add a picture to circle. It would be great if it is of you, but if you prefer you can put any other nice picture.

  10. Make sure to press Save once you add the info.

That’s it! You should now be able to see yourself on the Website members page, and most importantly the Pro Shop and Tuesday coordinators will know that you have signed up to play.

If you have trouble with this, just contact Mary Forte for help.