Tuesday Games Rules

Key Points to Know

  • If you haven't signed up by 9:00 am on Monday, go ahead and sign up but also call the Pro Shop and Coordinator to let them know.

  • Do not ask the Coordinators to play with certain players or to play in the first group. If you need to be in the first group negotiate with one of the other players in the group you want.

  • If there are no assigned tee times, arrive in time for the random draw pairing which will be 15 minutes prior to the 1st tee time. Late arrivals will automatically be in the last group.

  • Handicaps for Tuesday Games only, are as of the 1st and 15th of each month.

  • Please keep putts for all games, except scrambles.

  • Have 2 players sign and attest your scorecard.

       No points will be given for unsigned  scorecards.

  • The first time you play in a Tuesday Game will determine your assigned group and your points will accumulate in that group throughout the season.

  • You may play with another group and will get participation and chip-in points, but you cannot compete in that group's game for points.

  • There must be 6 players competing in your group to get Game Points.

  • All results are posted to the website.