Weekend Tournament Procedures

After you join WWGA, you decide the events in which you want to participate. Information on the specific weekend tournaments are published four weeks before the event.  Notices are posted on this website, as well as on the bulletin board outside the Pro Shop, and in emails. 




  • A tournament will be open for registration approximately one month before the date of the event.

  • You will receive an email with a link for registration.


  • Click on the link and follow the instructions.


  • There will usually be a box with questions right below the rules of the tournament.  Answer the questions then scroll (inside the box) and click “SUBMIT”  

  • You will then go to the bottom of the page and Register for the tournament then click “REGISTER”


You will receive a confirmation email that you registered for the event.


If you wish to drop out of a tournament please email Ron.

Please feel free to call Ron Springer or Kathi Cannoles at the Pro Shop (304-754-7222) if you need help with registration.


Some tournaments are just for WWGA members and some are mixed with members of The Woods Men's Golf Association (WMGA). The tournaments have a variety of fun formats - some individual, some teams of two, some teams of four - all selected by the tournament pairing program run by the Golf Pro.  The entry fee for the tournaments is $10 and there are usually an optional closest-to-the-pin competition on four par three holes for $5, and an optional 50/50 raffle for $5. These are normally collected on the morning of the event. 80% of the entry fees and closest-to-the-pin contests are given out as awards for each tournament, as well as 50% of the raffle. The remaining funds are used for social events for WWGA members and WWGA administrative expenses.

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