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Mason Dixon Photos


2024 Mason-Dixon District Team
Mary Forte, Renee Gibb, Linda Winegarden, Sue Bowman,

Sheryl Dolin, Jen Adams, Nancy Fairall, Frances Compton
2023 WWGA Mason Dixon District Team
Fran Compton, Mary Forte, Cindy Gresham, Sue Bowman, Nancy Fairall, Linda Winegarden & Sheryl Dolin 
2022 WWGA Mason Dixon District Team
Nancy Fairall, Arlene Ruckle, Linda Winegarden, Jen Adams, Sheryl Dolin, Fran Compton, Mary Forte (not shown: Cindy Gresham, Sue Bowman)
2021 MDD Team.png

2021 WWGA Mason-Dixon Team


Mary Forte, Sheryl Dolin, Arlene Ruckle, Judy Perdew, Fran Compton, Cindy Gresham, Nancy Fairall, Lynn Creager,

and Danna Devers, who was not present when photo was taken

Mason Dixon 2019.jpg

2019 Mason Dixon District Champions


MDD Team 2019

Danna Howard, Fran Compton, Nancy Fairall,

Lynn Creager, Susi VonBodman, Sheryl Dolin, Laura Word, Brenda Merriman, and Arlene Ruckle

(Joyce Davis, Judy Perdew, Cindy Gresham. and Jean Cooney not shown)

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