Karen Schroder

Tournament Chair

Weekend Tournaments

Greetings to Woods Lady golfers:

You will find connections on this page for all weekend tournaments. Notices are posted on the Bulletin board outside the The Woods Pro Shop, usually a month before the event. The notices include a brief description of the format and a listing of the rules for the event. These appear under " Women's and Mixed Events" on the left side of the Bulletin board. The only event sign-up sheet that will be posted on the bulletin board will be for Mixed Partners Match Play. Signup for all other tournaments will be done online.


Under the pull down menu above, the Weekend Tournament events, you will find Procedures; Schedule; Upcoming Tournament Info; Results, History; and Photos.


After you join WWGA, you will receive by email: notices, rules and formats, and deadlines through WWGA@thewwga.org

Remember Golf is fun!!

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