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Renee Gibb
Match Play   Tournament  Chair

Match Play Tournaments

Match Play…

Where you can actually have a score of “1” for a game of golf.

Where you can have some awful gross scores but still beat your opponent.

The great equalizer between a low handicap golfer and a high handicap golfer.


Sounds like your kind of golf? Then come play in our Match Play Tournaments. The WWGA is conducting three Match Play Tournaments this year

  • Mixed Match Play on Mountain View which is a team match play consisting of one WWGA member and one WMGA member.

  • Women’s Match Play on Mountain View

  • Women’s Match Play on Stony Lick

Each Match Play Tournament is conducted as follows:

  • A Bracketed tournament with single elimination rounds starting in May.

  • Players set up the match themselves with their opponent.

  • Players are required to play their match within a stipulated time frame for each bracket (about 1 month). If you think you cannot do this due to other commitments then this might not be the tournament for you.

  • WWGA player’s course handicaps on Mountain View are capped at 39 for Women and 33 for Men using the Member/Teal Tees.

  • WWGA players receive their full course handicap on Stony Lick, up to the maximum of 38 strokes.

  • All play is conducted under USGA rules.


The entry fee is $10 per person.

  • You may sign up via your WWGA annual registration.

  • If you wish to sign up and already paid your dues, you may resubmit your registration with your entry fee only.

  • All money collected from the entry fees are awarded as prizes to the winners.


If you are interested, but need more information on what is Match Play or the Rules, click the following


Or if you would like more information about these Tournaments,

contact me, Renee Gibb, Match Play Tournament Chair

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