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Sheryl Dolin
Mason Dixon District    Leader

Mary Forte
Vice President


Renee Gibb


Barbara Hageman
Tuesday Games Head Coordinator

2024 WWGA Board

Our WWGA Board Members are all volunteers elected to serve a three year term. Generally, 2 members come off and 2 new members come on each year. We are governed by a set of by-laws and Board Members usually meet monthly.  A mix of members serve on the Board representing both high and low handicap players, members who play in weekend tournaments and members who only play on Tuesdays. Some members are at The Woods only on weekends, some are full-time residents and others are only here for the summer.  Here is our current slate of Officers and Chairs.

President – Sheryl Dolin has been a full-time resident of The Woods since 2007. The past several years she has split time between West Virginia and north Idaho providing elder care for her mom in Coeur d'Alene.  She has been active in the WWGA, previously serving as tournament chair and president, and also plays in the Mason Dixon league.  Sheryl is excited to lead WWGA through the upcoming transition as WHOA potentially purchases the Woods amenities.

Vice-President – Mary Forte has been a full-time resident of The Woods since 2008 and began golfing and joined WWGA a few years later. She has been on the board before as Tournament Chair and Social Chair and has been the Webmaster for the previous Tuesday Ladies Golf league and the WWGA since 2012 (see below). She started playing in the Mason Dixon league in 2021. Besides golf, she and her husband Dan are part owners of Winter Camp Park, which keeps them both very busy. She is Vice President for 2024, replacing the previous VP who resigned.

Treasurer – Renee Gibb is a full-time resident of The Woods.  She moved here in October of 2020 from Annapolis, MD. She played golf with the SL-18 group and joined the MV group in 2022.  She now also is part of the Mason District team. Renee is looking forward to more free time for golf and working with our association.

Secretary & Tuesday Games Head Coordinator – Barbara Hageman is a full-time resident of The Woods. She and her husband bought property here many years ago. They built their home in 2019 and moved here from Laurel, MD after retirement. Barbara is an Aerospace Engineer and worked as a Software Engineer and is embracing retirement fully.  Barbara was the Vice President and Tuesday Coordinator in 2022, and Secretary and Tuesday Coordinator in 2023 and continuing in 2024.

Tournament Chair – Liz Shaw is newly elected to the Board. She is a relative newcomer to golf and primarily a weekend player. She is a weekend resident, but has spent more time this past year at The Woods due to the Covid restrictions at her workplace. 

Membership Chair – Wendy Smith is a full-time resident and lives with her husband, Joe and dog, Bogey.  A  relatively newcomer to golf, she plays in the Tuesday League and last year expanded her golf experience by playing the Mt. View Course and participates in different WWGA and WMGA tournaments. This is her third year on the board where she was the treasurer the past 2 years and this year is the membership chair. She also founded and coordinates the Hiking Club here in The Woods.

Social Chair – Sue Walker is a full time resident of The Woods. She moved here in March of 2021 from Pittsburgh, PA. Sue is a relatively new golfer, playing with our SL-9 group in 2022. She retired as a Director of Nursing in Geriatrics, and is one of our newest residents here, and is also jumping in 100% to golf more and work with our association. She is continuing her Social Chair role from 2022 and 2023.

MDD Representative – Sheryl Dolin - Sheryl is also serving as The Woods Mason Dixon District leader for 2024.


Woods Club Representative –Sally Johnston is President of PVP and a non-voting member who plays primarily in the Weekend Tournaments.

Director of Golf – Ron Springer, who we think lives at the golf course but in actuality just lives nearby.

Web Guru aka “the Historian” – Mary Forte, while not a Board position, is responsible for creating and maintaining the WWGA website. She is a full-time resident, plays in the Weekend Tournaments, on Tuesdays, in Mason-Dixon District League, and has served on the Board in various positions. She has maintained our website from day one so probably knows more about what has gone on in the WWGA than any of the Board members.               

Liz Shaw pic (2).jpg

Liz Shaw
Tournament Chair

Wendy Smith new.jpg

Wendy Smith
Membership Chair

Sue Walker
Social Chair

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