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Tuesday Ladies Golf 2024



The official start of TLG is on April 23rd!  We have 8 new members this year. This email is meant to get everyone (old and new) off to a good start.


  1. Make sure you sign up for Tuesday play by Monday morning.  Use the WWGA website to sign up:  You can sign up for any of the 4 groups that you want to play with from week to week.  If you paid the annual $10 fee for Tuesday play along with your membership, you will be competing in the game of the day.  If you didn't pay the $10, you can still sign up and play on Tuesdays, but you won't be part of the competition.

  2. You need to enter total gross and total putts on your scorecard when you finish the round.  I will handle scoring for the game of the day. Put the scorecard in the envelope on the wall outside the Pro Shop. There must be 2 players (and 2 signatures) on a scorecard, never just one player.  Threesomes put all 3 players on one card.  Foursomes can submit either 1 or 2 cards.

  3. If you get a Birdie or Eagle on a hole, make sure you add a marker to the Birdie Tree on the wall in the Ladies Locker Room.  And if this is your first WWGA Birdie/Eagle, you need to contact Sheila Joy ( MV players: Hole 4 is now a Par 4 (used to be a Par 5) and Hole 5 is now a Par 5 (used to be a Par 4). Scorecards will not reflect these changes, so be careful about declaring or missing a Birdie on these holes.

  4. The WWGA website has a wealth of information on rules written by a previous WWGA member: The issues are easy to read and if you haven't already read them several times, I would recommend you do so.

  5. Pace of Play is extremely important when playing golf. TLG games are played using the USGA sanctioned Maximum Score stroke play which allows you to pick up your ball without being disqualified. So, if you are having a bad hole (already hit double par strokes), please consider picking up your ball and move on. See attached document that tells you how to record your score when picking up.

  6. Carts now have GPS units.  They automatically turn on and give you distances to the front, center, and rear of each green.  They also beep at you when you leave the cart path when it is "Cart Path Only".  And they tell you when you start falling behind on Pace of Play.

  7. I have also attached the schedule for Tuesday games.


Any questions, contact me at or call me at 301-908-2415.


Lets get this ball rolling!

Barbara Hageman

Tuesday Head Coordinator

Maximum Score Policy
Download PDF • 72KB

2024 Tuesday Game Schedule
Download PDF • 90KB


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