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Website Registration Process Update

Welcome to the WWGA website! There are currently 90 people registered on the website. If you look at the Website Members link above, you can see who is registered (you must be logged in to see this page). While there, if you notice that your box does not have your name or picture, you can update it. I just found out that the process for doing this has changed since last year. So I have updated the Website Registration instruction file to walk you thru the new process, and posted it on the Website Use page. It is also included below for your convenience. It is easier than before. If you're adding or changing your picture, note that it works best if the picture is cropped square first. The information on the Website Members page is used for the Tuesday Games sign-ups and the Weekend Play sign-ups.

Looking forward to seeing everyone on the course!

NEW WWGA website registration - 2022
Download PDF • 372KB

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