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Sheryl Dolin
WWGA President


If you have a Woods golf membership, you are eligible to join the Woods Women’s Golf Association (WWGA). Whether you are just starting in golf or an experienced player, WWGA membership is a great way to meet other golfers.  More than 80% of our members started out with “zero to hardly any” experience playing golf, while a few members already had a “game”.  Regardless of their playing level, all our members say because of the WWGA, their game improved, they learned about the rules and most importantly made a lot of friends!

Through our organized tournaments, weekly games, and social events, our League strives to promote women’s golf in a friendly format with lots of camaraderie and opportunities to learn. Our golf activities take place on both golf courses, so there is something for the novice as well as the experienced golfers. In the WWGA you will be able to:

  • Participate in our social events which include an opening day lunch, Member-Guest Tournament, Mid-Season Luncheon and season ending Awards Luncheon.

  • Play with other members of similar playing ability during our Tuesday Golf. If you are a new golfer, members in this group will help you learn the ropes on the do’s and don’ts of golf. Click “Tuesday Games” above for information.

  • If you are comfortable playing the Mountain View course, Weekend Tournaments (about twice/month) provide both women’s only and mixed tournaments with the Men’s Golf Association. For more information on Weekend Tournaments click “Tournaments” above. 

  • If you would like the opportunity to play at other private golf courses in the area, WWGA membership allows members who meet a maximum handicap requirement to participate in the Mason Dixon District (MDD) League. This league plays at 7 clubs located in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Virginia and West Virginia. For more information on this league click “Mason Dixon District”.

  • Play in the week-end pick-up game on Saturday or Sunday or sign-up for Match play on the Mountain View or Stony Lick course.

  • Participate in our season long Ringer Board Tournaments.


With more than 70 members and 30 years in existence, we know how to have fun with golf. If you would like to become a member, click “Join WWGA” to find out how.


Come play with us!

Sheryl Dolin

WWGA President 

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