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January 2024 News and Tournament Schedule


Dear lady golfers:

Happy new year and wishing all Woods golfers a golf season in which we play a lot, hopefully improve our games but most of all, have fun!

I have some very exciting and encouraging announcements from the WWGA board and the USGA.  


The 2024 WWGA membership form is attached.  You’ll notice there are no increases to dues for this year.  In order to create a better cash flow for the association, the Board voted to increase tournament entrance fees to $15.  Proximity prizes and 50/50 remain the same, so total tournament fees will increase to $25 for everything.  In addition, the WWGA will retain 25% of tournament fees and pay out only the proximity prizes actually won. This increase will allow us to devote a bit more money to member/member and to maintain the WWGA website.  Using last year’s participation numbers these two changes will create a revenue increase of about $1000.

2024 Golf Registration Form fillable
Download PDF • 76KB

Our tournament schedule, also attached, has a couple of changes. We moved the flag tournament to June 15, the day after Flag Day and this year we will hold a weekday Invitational tournament on Monday, 8 July, instead of the Member-Guest.  The Invitational will be a two or four-lady format and the Board is seeking a committee to plan this new event.  Teams can be made up of all WWGA players, guests, or any combination, as long as they have an established handicap.  Please contact me if you’d like to help with the committee or have questions.


Download PDF • 16KB

The USGA changes to rules this year will benefit our golf league in a couple ways.  

1)  A lower minimum length for a golf course to obtain a Course Rating™ and Slope Rating™

Even though our courses are already rated, we envision that this will serve as the impetus to create forward tees on Mountain View.  Ron is working with the Board on this.


2)  A new treatment of 9-hole scores

Beginning in 2024, when a player posts a 9-hole score, it will be combined with their expected Score Differential over 9 holes to create an 18-hole Score Differential for immediate use – with expected score based on the player’s Handicap Index at the time the round is played as well as a course of standard difficulty. 

This change will definitely enhance accuracy of handicaps for our 9-hole players.


3)  An updated approach for holes not played

At present when a hole isn’t played (due to darkness, for example), the score recorded is a net par. When the 2024 revision goes into effect, when 10-17 holes are played, an 18-hole Score Differential will be determined by adding the player’s Score Differential from the holes played to an expected Score Differential for the number of holes not played. 


We are planning a rules clinic to go over all this before our opening day.  Our goal is to also have the new forward tees in place by then.


Sheryl Dolin


Woods Women's Golf Association (WWGA)


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